Another Recovery Moment from Recovery Room 7

What's stopping you from a successful Recovery?

  • Is it having to be away from your family?

  • Maybe it's the fear of losing your job?

  • With the high cost of most Recovery programs, is it money that's stopping you?

  • Is it fear?

  • Has recovery failed you in the past so that it just feels like a revolving door experience that goes nowhere?

  • Tired of those steps, sponsors, anonymity, some other similar bondage?

We've got that all those obstacles covered for you.

Our Biblical Recovery Program is done from home and so very affordable. You'll even have your own personal Recovery Coach available 24/7.
God never fails!

So what's stopping you now?
We probably have that covered too!

Do you feel that you can never get past the hurt?

The addiction that has haunted you is a by-product of despair - not some theorized disease. Despair comes from being wronged, not being diseased.

Despair is the common thread associated with anyone challenged by addiction, and comes to you by repeated disappointments, frustrations, hopelessness, depression, a broken family, a broken heart, abuse, the inability to cope with things beyond your control, a lack of having proper life skills, poverty, and many other things in life.

In a perfect world, all of the above issues could have been addressed one by one with someone who could be by your side as an advisor; however, most kids don't have that growing up. Too many kids are raising themselves these days.

That's how addiction takes hold. People escape with drugs and alcohol instead of being strengthened and driven to know how to overcome life's many challenges.

We don't use any man made 'Big Book'. We use God's Manual, THE BIBLE. When we embrace Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and learn His ways of doing life, it all makes sense and give us peace and healing.

Now what? Isn't it time to begin and complete your Recovery? Do it once and be healed for a lifetime. You'll learn how to do life differently and better, through God's Word, His Son Jesus, His forgiveness, His grace, His mercy, and His love.

We've eliminated all the obstacles. You can recover from home where your loved ones will be shown how to help and support you. We work with the entire family unit.

Isn't it time?

Are you willing to begin to unpack the bigger picture and deeper meaning for your life ?

The first thing you need to know is that you were created by God for a purpose. So, there IS a bigger picture for your life than you realize. Much of what we do when you navigate you through Recovery, is to help you to discover your purpose and then properly see it through.

Transparency, NOT anonymity, is a huge catalyst to healing

Living life to the fullest begins with transparency... especially where it concerns being able to successfully work with your Recovery Coach. No therapeutic relationship can ever work with anything but 100% truth. We don't judge you for your frailties; we help you learn how to turn them into strengths. Mistakes are made because we are human.

The bottom line is that we MUST deal with the one or more purple elephants in the room, before any healing can take place. Recovery coaching can only work its splendor, when there is honesty and truth.

The question now is, how serious you are about ending your addiction for life? You know this can't go on.

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